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    Color Picker Script Error

      Hi I have another Problem in the color Picker.

      Please see the attached Script that I am using for Selecting the Color and and also for changing the icon color to selected color

      This Code works fine and gives me the Hex code and RGB Code corresponding to the color Selected in the color Picker Bitmap.

      But I have been noticing it that as I move towards the periferi of the Color Picker it gives me an error Saying

      "Script Error: Object Expected
      member("HexCode").text = cveta.hexString() & ""

      I am not getting this error when i do the same well within the periferi of the Color picker

      Any help regarding the same or any tip to fix this error will be highly appreciated

      Thanks and Regards
      Atul Saxena
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          Lukewig Level 1

          "Script Error: Object Expected" probably means that 'cveta' is not a color object. this will happen if the following line fails:

          cveta = member ("colorgama").image.getPixel (hto, mto)

          So, what you could do is test that cveta is a color before calling hexString() method of a colour object:

          strHexCode = ""
          if cveta.ilk= #color then
          strHexCode = cveta.hexString() & ""

          Incidentally, you probably should not write lingo code like "repeat while the stilldown" (since absolutely nothing else will happen while the mouse is down -- eventually, sounds will stop and director will grind to a halt). A better strategy is an 'asynchronous' approach like this :

          property mouseTracking
          on enterframe (me)
          if (the mouseDown) then
          mouseTracking = true
          -- track the mouse etc
          else if mouseTracking then
          -- finish tracking
          mouseTracking = false
          end if

          -- Luke