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    Scripting: Bounding Box Paragraph Style


      I just got off of a chat with Om of Adobe Tech Support.  He informs me what I am trying to do is possible with scripting, but I am not skilled at this at all, so I was hoping the community here might be able to help me.  What I am trying to do is this...


      I am laying out a document that has certain paragraphs that need to be surrounded by a box with a 1p0 black line. When the paragraph in question is split between two columns the top half of the box needs to surround the text in the first column, and the bottom half of the box needs to surround the text at the top of the next column. In other words the box needs to be split as well as the paragraph. When in the middle of a column the box is intact. I had been drawing the box by hand, but when the text is reflowed for whatever reason all of the boxes need to be moved and many of the 3 lines of half boxes need to be be redrawn. I am looking for a way to accomplish the same thing programatically by designing a style to handle not only the text, but the bounding box as well.


      Below is a screenshot of a finished PDF that illustrates both a bounding box in the middle of a column, and one split between columns.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!




      A sample script (I may be able to alter if necessary), or a finished script would be great!  I am also quite a n00b with InDesign, and would need a quick tutorial on how to use the script.




      Alex D. Karaczun