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    strange error when using RH11 to convert .dita files to .html


      I am trying to use RH11 to convert a bunch of .dita files to .html, but so far have had no success.  I have DitaOT installed in my program folders.

      I've been opening robohelp, selecting new project -> import -> ditamap file.  select the ditamap to use, create a new folder for the project, hit next.

      In the replace default XSLT file for conversion field, I put in the dita2html-base.xsl file.

      In the DITA Open Toolkit home directory field, I navigate to the location of the DitaOT root folder, select it, and click finish.

      When I click, finish, robohelp almost immediately gives me an error message saying "No error occurred", leading me to believe that I filled out all of the required fields correctly, but when I check the output folder I created, it is empty.

      Any tips on things to try/ what I should change would be very appreciated (or if i'm trying to force RH to do something that it isn't normally able to do, that would be appreciated as well).