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    Colour settings across Adobe


      Hi chaps,


      Ive recently updated my eizo monitor colour using colormunki and colornavigator. I had left it too long before the last profile update, so i can see a difference and ultimately doubts come into play


      What i noticed across photoshop/indesign, there are differences. In both Photoshop and Indesign, both Proof Setup is set to Working CYMK with iso coated v2 (ECI)


      From below,ive got 3 vertical screen grabs. The blue is rather consistent apart a slightly different blue box in the middle of the indesign grab. This square contains the CYMK values from the original PS file (99 C, 100 M) and the background is the actual ps file placed in indesign (and the preview was set to high quality). What is strange that when i export to pdf, the box disappears and the blue looks consistent across the page.


      ..any thoughts as to where i can make changes?


      Thanks in advance



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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Select the image and check that the ICC Profile listed in the Links panel is Document CMYK. If it isn't choose Object>Image Color Settings> Use Document Default. I assume your final destination color is ISO Coated CMYK, so because all of the color is already in that CMYK space, there won't be any color conversions and you don't need to turn on Proof Colors—turn on Overprint/Separation Preview instead:





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            sss83006171 Level 1

            Thanks Rob, now looks good...


            although ive opened another can of worms ..


            Whilst in PS, the CMYK working space is Europe ISO coated FOGRA27 and the colour management policies are turned off (as i control colors etc via the work space).


            In ID, i have the same workspace as PS, however in color management polices, do i simply 'turn off' or 'convert' to working space so that all project assets are the same?


            Once again, thanks in advance

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              rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              A press can only have one profile so you have to decide what it is, FOGRA27 or ISO Coated v2. Mixing CMYK profiles almost always causes color management problems because at some point in the workflow you will have to force a CMYK to CMYK conversion, which is never ideal.


              It sounds like you leave the CMYK CM policy to Off in Photoshop, but when you save you include the FOGRA27 profile? If that's the case you get a profile conflict (and different color) when you place it in an ID document with ISO Coated v2 assigned.

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                rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Also, I assume you are only trying to match background colors to demonstrate the CMYK color problem?


                Photoshop and InDesign manage color the same way so usually there's not much reason to make CMYK conversions in PS unless you have to make a post CMYK color correction. So you can pick a favorite RGB editing space and set the RGB policies to Preserve Embedded and let the conversion happen to the correct CMYK space  on export from InDesign.


                In Photoshop you can see the effect of converting to your CMYK working space without actually making the conversion by turning on Proof Colors with the Proof Setup set to Working CMYK. In the Info panel you can see the future CMYK values by setting an eyedropper to Proof Color. Similarly in ID you can turn on Overprint/Separation Preview to see RGB previewed in the document's CMYK profile.