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    Help with Bold/Italic CSS in EPUB export

    Boris Nikolaevich Level 1

      I generate EPUB files from the print version of my InDesign books. Because I want the best possible experience for readers on various devices, I always take time to clean up and optimize the XHTML and images, since I do understand that reflowable eBooks may not look exactly like their print-page counterparts. Plus, paring things down to basic HTML tags like div, p, em, and strong helps me prep the content for multiple targets, including Kindle or web page, and also helps ensure accessibility by allowing the user's device to handle em and strong instead of forcing those blocks to be italic or bold.


      When InDesign exports text formatted as italic and bold, however, I don't get simple tags like <em>...</em> and <strong>...</strong>, I get <span class="CharOverride-1">...</span> and <span class="CharOverride-2">...</span>.


      It's always worked like that, which is fine—but in previous versions it was no big deal to replace all <span class="CharOverride-N">...</span> with <em>...</em> (or <strong>...</strong>). Since there was one idGeneratedStyles.css for the whole book, I could rely on the fact that N would always be the same style within a book (even if it varied from one book to another).


      Now, with the supposed "more control over CSS," I find that there's a local CSS file generated for every document in the book! In one document, <span class="CharOverride-1">...</span> is bold, in another the same class means italic. This change has turned a 30 second process into 60 minutes, since I have to check each document one at a time to do the correct replacement.


      Is there an option I'm missing? Is this a new feature-bug?


      Am I an edge case?


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