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    Topic Pane Focus and Printer Options


      I am using Internet Explorer 11 and RoboHelp HTML 11 (v with WebHelp as my Primary Layout. I created a Print Topic button which uses the following function:


      The Action for OnClick = printAction()


      The Inline Javascript Function Definition reads:


      var printAction= function()


      var topicPane = top.frames[1].frames[1];





      When viewing the Help from within RoboHelp and in Internet Explorer 11 through our application, the Print Preview displays 3 options: 1) 1 Page View, 2) Select Content (which includes a choice of “As laid out on screen”, “Only the selected frame”, and “All frames individually”), and 3) Shrink to Fit.  In order to get it to print only my Topic Frame, I must force focus on my Topic window by making sure that I have my cursor within that window pane, and choose “Only the selected frame” for it to print correctly. Our application does not display the “Select Content” option.


      When I select my Printer to print, the “Options” tab has the “Only the selected frame” automatically set but that does not seem to make a difference.


      Is there a way for me to ensure that only the Topic pane has focus and prints correctly without the user having to select the frame and select the correct print option?