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    Can't get across bridge

    odyssey27 Level 1
      I can't get anything to work beyond getting an instance of root. This is very frustrating!!! Any help, please???

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          Ivascu Cristian Level 1
          You are getting the javascript error that txtTest is not a function because the syntax for calling elements of the root movie has changed. Now you have to do it like this:

          var test = root.getTxtTest().getText();

          and it will work just OK. To access a component of your flash movie always prepend get before the actual ID and capitalize the first letter. Thus, if you have a slider with the id slide1, you can access it like this:

          var mySliderProperty = FABridge.movie_name.root().getSlide1().getProperty;

          Only root can be accessed directly by calling root() on the flash movie. All other controls must follow this rule.

          Hope this helps,