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    How to get RH11 to allow versioning


      I'm on RH11, and I have all of my files in SharePoint.  I can go into RH11 and open SharePoint files inside RH11, and I can go into SharePoint and get files to open in RH11.  In RH11, I do File > Version Control.  The Connection Details window opens.  Every possible path our company has to our RH SharePoint site has failed.


      How do I get this to work?  I also set up the Options under the Tools menu and installed WinMerge on my C:\ drive.


      I wonder if WinMerge needs to be in any particular place.  I can't get WinMerge to install on our network because of constant "Move File failed.  Code 222." messages.  I clicked to ignore those, then couldn't get the program to run.

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          AJIT_M Adobe Employee
          Hi There,
          In Order to Add Robohelp project to a Document Library in SharePoint, you have to configure Document Library settings :-
          1- Log on to SharePoint.
          2-  Click Site Actions > View All Site Content.
          3- Select Document Library to be edited from the list of libraries appeared.
          4- Click Library Tab > Library Settings.
          5- Click Version Settings and configure following settings :-
                                                           Require content approval for submitted items Select No.
                                                            Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library? Select Create major and minor (draft) versions.

                                                            Note: The Create major versions option is also supported. In this case, files cannot be checked in as minor versions.
                                                           Keep the following number of major versions Deselect this option.
                                                            Keep drafts for the following number of major versions Deselect this option.
                                                            Who should see draft items in this document library? Users with read access.
                                                            Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited? (Force Checkout) Select Yes.
          Now you can add your project to a SharePoint Document Library :-
          1- Click Add to Version Control icon or select File > Version Control > Add to Version Control.
          2- Select RoboHelp SharePoint Connector and click OK.
          3- Specify the SharePoint site that contains the Document Library, and the username and password to log on to SharePoint. Click OK to log on to SharePoint.
          Note:- The path you should given that will be your Site Collection Url / Document library / Folder Name ( created inside in Document library in which you have to upload all your Robohelp files ).
          4- You can add the project to any folder inside the document library. The folder must be empty. You cannot add the project directly to a document library.
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            zeppm Level 1

            We have already tried all of the steps you gave. You said you were able to connect using our versions, but we are still unable.   Here are some screen captures that might help you help us get connected.  I have full administrative control and am still unable to connect, and the screen captures show that.  Please let us know what we need to change on these screens to connect.  Thank you.