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    After Effects CS5.5 - Rotating objects with accuracy?

    CutlassKelley Level 1

      I've been searching all day long for an answer to this very simple question, and I keep finding the same answers which do NOT answer this very simple question:  How does one use the rotation tool with accuracy?  In other words, how do I make a perfect 90-degree rotation?  How do I know what degree of rotation I am making?  There is nothing obviously tracking rotations - I cannot find anything that tells me what kind of rotation I am making.  It's the dumbest thing, and I'm sure I'm the idiot who can't see what's right in front of her, but I cannot make accurate rotations.  Is it 90-degrees?  Is it 45?  23?  I have no idea.  And I am getting really, really frustrated.  More than frustrated.  I've taken to swearing my head off, actually.  I'm not talking necessarily about 3d space (although that's got me perplexed, also).  I'm talking 'in general 2d space.'  HOW DO I ROTATE AN OBJECT WITH A SPECIFIC ANGLE OF ROTATION?  I've been playing the guessing game and my project looks like garbage because none of the rotations are accurate.  Seriously, why the HELL is this something so damned hard to find??!


      Thank you.