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    Photoshop CS6 hardware accelleration with FirePro M6100, Quadro K3100M & Quadro K5100M


      I'm going to buy a Dell M6800 Precision Mobile Workstation for my wife. I'm trying to decide whether to buy it with a FirePro M6100 video card or an NVidia Quadro K3100M video card. The M6100 seems to be more powerful and cost less than the K3100M. However, she'll be using the computer with Photoshop & Illustrator CS6. I've been reading that CS6 only supports video hardware acceleration with NVidia graphics cards with Cuda.

      Does Photoshop & Illustrator CS6 support GPU Acceleration with the FirePro M6100? If so, do all features in Photoshop & Illustrator CS6 work with the M6100, or are there features that will only work with nVidia vidio cards?


      Will GPU Acceleration be supported as installed? I just have a Dell M6800 with an NVidia Quadro K5100M graphics. I've installed CS6 Production Premium and had to add the Quadro K5100M video card to the "Cuda_Supported_Cards.txt" file in order to use the "Mercury Playback Engine (Hardware)" option. Is there a similar fix I'll need to apply for Photoshop CS6, or will GPU Acceleration work with the FirePro M6100 and Quadro K3100M as installed?