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    I keep getting "we are still processing your order and it may take 24hrs"


      I have attempted twice now to pay for upgrading my photography package with creative cloud to include Illustrator. The first time was on 1/31 I got a message stating it would take 24 hours. A week later I'm still waiting so I attempt to get help via "chat". The Agent told me my payment did not go thru…..got a receipt telling me it was processing? I'm told to re-purchase.


      So I repurchase 2 days ago….again I get receipt saying accepted it will take 24hours.


      I would really like to finalize this as I"m getting behind in my class work. I'm getting pretty upset with with the whole process and lack of support at getting a resolution.


      I won't mean ion the whole customer support looping of "we need a few more details" so we can kick you back to the FAQ.


      Anyone have an solutions for resolution or why this keeps happening. My payment method is set up fine and adobe has no problem billing me monthly for my CC photography membership that they process on the first of every month. So it's not a payment issue.