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    "Lock document after signing" option is missing

    ethannnnnnp Level 1



      I need a signature field on a PDF form I am developing to have the Lock Document After signing functionality. My coworker (who has since left the firm) designed a similar form that automatically checks this box in the Sign Document pop-up window. This is exactly what I want, but I can't figure out how to do it. I am using Adobe Acrobat X Pro (10.1.13).


      What I CURRENTLY see, missing the lock document option:



      What I WANT to see, taken from another PDF form:



      Thanks in advance for any help

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          IsakTen Level 4

          The signature field in this particular PDF may have a seed value associated with it that prevents locking. This is something that PDF's author may have chosen to do and you cannot override his intent.

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            ethannnnnnp Level 1

            Thanks for the reply isakten.


            I am the author of the document for the 1st screenshot. I am trying to replicate what my former co-worker did in the 2nd screenshot (which is a completely separate document). My boss likes the "lock document" feature and wants each form locked when it is signed.


            I've heard about seed values, but i don't know anything about them specifically. The properties of the digital signature field are the same in the two documents, there is no script in either one, yet the difference remains. Do you have any resources  I could read about for modifying seed values to mandate the lock document option?

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              lnroberts19 Level 1

              I have the same question.

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                George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Here's the script that you can run from the interactive JavaScript console:


                getField("sig1").signatureSetSeedValue({lockDocument: true, flags: 128});



                To open the JavaScript console, press Ctrl+J. Then copy & paste the line of code shown above into the console. With the cursor on that line, press Ctrl+Enter, or Enter on the numeric keypad.


                The script assumes there is a digital signature field with the name "sig1", so replace that with the name of the digital signature field you've created. In order to lock the document, it needs to be either the only digital signature field in the document or the last unsigned signature field.


                When the digital signature field is clicked, the "Lock Document After Signing" check box will be checked and grayed-out so it cannot be deselected by the user. After signing, the document will be locked to further changes.