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    DUIK assistance - Bone issues


      Hi there guys,


      just wondered if anybody could help!


      I've been following a tutorial on Youtube that uses the DUIK script. I've been following it all okay, until I actually got to the setting up of the rig in AE.


      I started first with the arm, using the puppet pin tool to place a pin at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Then the tutorial told me to select the shoulder pin, and go into the DUIK window and select 'Bones'. On the video, the yellow pin was replaced with a red null object and appeared exactly where the yellow pin was originally (replacing it obviously..) except for me, the null object went to the corner of the screen, not ontop of the yellow dot on the shoulder joint..

      I tried with other limbs, but the issue remained. I tried changing the file names, restarting AE, but nothing seems to be working.


      What can I do?


      Thank you!