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    Why is Adobe Digital Editions scrolling so slowly? It eats up my CPU.


      As stated, why is ADE so slow at scrolling, and how do I make it faster?  It has been like this since I first installed it, today.



      In particular, whenever a page has more than just text on it - an image, a gray background, there is a massive and noticeable slow down. It takes close to .5 seconds for ADE to register that I've scrolled up or down, and clearly associated with this problem is that my CPU usage will jump up to 15% and remain there while I am "scrolling".  This is 15% of my i7-4790 - 4 cores, 3.6GHz. That means it's using ~2.2GHz of a single core.  To do scrolling


      Please help explain to me what I must do to fix this, because this makes the product really unpleasant to use.  I'd rather just get the book through other means if ADE is unusable.


      - Alex