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    Edge Animate : Edge File website structure


      Can the Edge Animate generated code and associated images, js, fonts, etc.

      be contained in a separate folder outside the main directory.


      If I have a separate HTML file that I created and want to load in my Edge Animate project into it,

      I can easily do that if all the files are on the Main directory root that contains the HTML and CSS that point to the edge DIVs.


      This creates a ton of files on the root.

      Ideally I would like to have all my Eddge Animate projects in a separate folder,

      and my HTML pages pointing to the associated projects.


      something like the image attached

      I can never get this to work

      anyone able to figure this out?


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          Manigandan Adobe Employee

          Hi Pablo


          It is possible to have your assets anywhere you want to store. In the latest version of Animate, the directory structure is as follows,



          where the items such as media assets, js files and images are organised in seperate directories from the root directory. However, If you wish to change, you can place your assets anywhere you want and update the same path in <fileName>_edge.js file in the root directory, and the same will be reflected on your Animate project. Similarly, you can specify the preferences for your composition in publish settings and specify the path and file names.Let me know if you need some other info.




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            pablogomez Level 1

            thanks for the speedy reply. I went and did some tests, and yes

            the new features in Publish settings do help out in tidying up the folder directories. (very much appreciated)

            and for the most part it works


            but I have found a few issues. (and there are probably more)


            on my main directory folder, I have a javascript file that is doing stuff inside my edge project.

            so in edge I reference that custom.js file. in the SCRIPTS panel. (nice feature)

            lets say in that .js file it is just doing an alert('hello');

            so when i publish and load the index.html , it loads the external edge file and does the alert.



            if i go and change that alert in the js file on the main directory to alert('bob"),

            it will show the new alert



            now however, if I go back to my edge document and republish,

            it reverts back to alert('hello');

            because it seems to generate another js folder and js file and still has a reference to the js file that get duplicated in the "edge" folder






            font issue.

            i have several edge projects being loaded into this main index.html

            I am using a custom font

            because i am referencing the stylesheet in the main directory the font style does not show up on the stage IDE.

            however, when I play the index.html the font DOES show up as expected.


            it would be nice, when publishing to another folder,

            to be able to point to an external .css and have it show up while working