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    why sequence name is difference. _[9999]or{9999}


      I import sequence file named temp_0000.png~temp_0100.png,

      usually file name  is temp_[0000-0100].png on AE project panel.

      but now  I receive some AE.aep files include  temp_{0000-0100}.png.

      what is {} ? it's unusual.

      for example I add sequence file temp_0101.png~temp_9999.png,

      [0000-0100] automatically increase[0000-9999] ,but {0000-0100} not increase.

      How do I change {} to [] without ctrl +H.

      there is so much deficent secuence files.

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          The curly brackets { } represent a selected range sequence.

          Not unusual.

          Sometimes people will inefficiently select the WHOLE range of frames in a sequence when they don't need to.

          A sequence range is good when you want to import a fraction of a sequence. i.e.  temp_{0025-0098} instead of 0000-1000


          You do it the way I normally do:

          Select ONE frame in the sequence, choose "Sequence" and let Ae bring in the rest of the temp_####  files

          This results in regular brackets [ ]

          If you change the duration of your sequence, After Effects will reflect the change of the entire sequence.


          You can't replace those sequence ranges { } automatically when you add frames to your source sequence.  After Effects thinks you want ONLY those frames that were selected when they were imported.  'replace footage' time.


          I think you are doing it correctly. [ ]