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    How can I generate a data merge that includes a barcode from excel spreadsheet to InDesign?

    roberth1959 Level 1

      Can you please advise if the following process is possible within InDesign CS 5.5? (Mac OS 10.8.2).


      We need to create a data merge that includes a barcode. The data merge is for several thousand records.


      We have a customer-supplied Excel spreadsheet that contains seven fields, one of which is a number that ultimately needs to print as a barcode when we make the data merge in InDesign.


      As you would expect, the conventional six fields data merge perfectly - but we can't find a way to make the barcode print correctly within the data merge.


      We have investigated several possible solutions without success.


      Some solutions suggest a plug-in for Excel to convert the number into a barcode whilst still in the spreadsheet - but this doesn't come across correctly when we import the CSV file into the InDesign data merge.


      We have investigated certain third party software applications but none provide the full solution we require. Some, for example, appear to create the barcode within the Excel spreadsheet but don't produce the barcode correctly when we data merge in InDesign; and some will allow us to create a one-off barcode within InDesign but have no automated way of retrieving the thousands of Excel numbers and turning them into barcodes.


      We have also come across possible 'font' solutions but have had no success with these either.


      For a previous job we needed to produce we outsourced to a specialist mailing company, who assured us they produced the whole job (very quickly) within InDesign. They, understandably, won't tell us how they did it. But, given the speed with which they produced the job for us, we imagine - with the correct software - the whole process is easy to do.


      Can you please advise?