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    Is there a way to prevent all objects being responsive in a responsive project? (Max W doesn't do anything?)

    Stormy3000 Level 1



      I'm making a responsive Edge animate scene,  which has a Vimeo video embedded inside, and will have images animated in front of and behind the video player for added wow actors. So far so good...


      The problem is I would like the player to remain at a fixed scale (500 x 281) ... 


      Once that's working I'd like to also control over a few images in the scene as to whether they're responsive or not.


      I've tried setting a Min and Max width to my container in which the Vimeo Embed code is being run but they don't stop the rectangle scaling at all.


      Here's my example test project:

      Dropbox - Edge02.zip


      I'm adding the final code to Wordpress using the Wordpress plugin called 'Edge Suite' (Developer version)  which is mentioned in an Adobe tutorial.


      Also for reference.


      Here's a site who have achieved exactly what I looking to do... Notice how the boatson the foreground layer are on a fixed scale and position. The embedded vimeo video a fixed scale but always centered. The mountains fully responsive position.

      Any ideas on how they've implemented this are welcome...but obviously understand if that is beyond the scope of the Adobe forum.