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    Still trying to install flash player. Tried EVERYTHING in forums.  Can anyone please help with Windows XP?


      I had Flash11. ? and kept getting update messages which I ignored for awhile.  Finally gave in & have now had no Flash for 6 months!!!  I've tried to Uninstall & reinstall numerous times. Sometimes part of it stays and shows as installed but doesn't work, even though it says "enabled"  I Uninstalled & reinstalled Firefox.  Online, offline.Tried with  IE, Opera & Firefox.  Tried earlier set points to regain my old FlashPlayer.  Have XP sp3, Athlon 64 3200+ 2ghz 1.5 GB RAM. 

        I get Various errors:  "Failed to initialize" "A required file C:/Windows/System32\macromedia\Flash\FlashPlayer update service.exe.5  could not be written due insufficient permissions",  "A required file can't be installed because cabinet file C:/Doc.Set\All user\Appdata\MFAdata\pack\basex.cab has invalid dr--(can't read it) signature.  This may indicate the cabinet file is corrupt",  black screen on initializing,  twisting blue initialize bar that goes on forever,  downloads of only 1 or 3 MB, etc

        Another odd thing~Even when I use the direct download from the Adobe site, when opening the Flash Player 16.exe exe/download file, a security warning pops up saying the publisher could not be verified  "Publisher: Unknown" Why doesn't it say Adobe like it does in the samples or help info?  I noticed in my download library that some are by Adobe and other are macromedia...any difference?  I've called Adobe and explained all this.  They told me because of the many problems to skip Flash and install Chrome with it's built in Flash.  I did and it worked for awhile until it was triggering Threatfire.  I would kill and quarantine it.  Then one day it was partially gone and the Flash doesn't work.  Tried to uninstall & reinstall with no luck.  Are there any viable alternatives that can show You Tube, TV shows and online movies or workshops?  I know this is complex~  Many Thanks to whomever can help me!