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    Captivate 8 Demo. Few questions i couldn't answer by myself.



      I'm new with captivate and also english is not my native language so please excuse me incase you'll have hard time understanding me.

      Firstly i must say that my work is kinda strict, not much space for trying out something new, most of elements and design are documented and could not be changed. So switching to another application to make courses can be tricky.

      I see now that Captivate is a powerful tool, but lots of things are harder to do in it or i wasnt searching good enough.


      Perhaps someone could give me few tips on this problems?


      1. Its really hard to make some widgets do what you want. Many seemmingly easy things look so undecidable... One of them is Glossary widget. Is there any way to add cyrilic words in it? When i add them - nothing appears because there are only latin letters at bar text line. Maybe there is cyrrilic version for that widget?


      2. Wanted to ask about pausing project from auto advancing, but suddenly auto advancing work properly when i add invisible disabled buttons on slide and stops when i want to. Still would be so cool if devs could add Stop Auto Advance option.


      3. Scrollbar widget. Cant i somehow format text in more than one format?

      I need something like this:
















      4. Is there any possible way to add HTML tags in text captions? Also, is there a way to implement your styles (.css-file) and use it in captions? For example, i can't paint circles in marked list with needed color, that is other than text, wanted to do it with special style i used before.


      5. TOC. Is there any way to move TOC on other than left or right locations?

      How can i make slide names move to a next line instead of getting cut?

      How can i remove "Slide Title" phrase and bookmark symbol? (using white font now to make it invisible).


      6. Table widget. Is there a way to delete borders between rows or columns?
      Want to achieve something like this:









      7. How can i get the variable defining number of attempts for a question? Want to place the number on slide so viewer could see how many attempts he is still having.


      8. I turned off numbering in a question but now there is a huge space between circle and an answer. Is there a way to decrease this space?









      Thats it for now. Would really appreciate if someone could help me with this.