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    Sizing problem placing images / files

    miketkong Level 1

      I go to drag and drop a visual asset into inDesign such as a .jpg, .ai, .psd, whatever it is and after getting the place file cursor I go to click and drag the mouse to draw my frame in my layout. Normally, the resulting image would be placed at roughly the same size as the image frame I created. Now however the image is being placed inside the frame, but much smaller than I'm intending it to be. This is very frustrating because then I have to press ctrl+alt+c to shrink the frame to the crop size of the image and then resize that. Anyone else having this problem? It makes what should be a simple drag and drop operation about 4 times as much work as it should be.


      I've looked into the user preferences and online for clues, but have not found any. What I have found, unfortunately is that inDesign, as great as it is, is buggy. Hoping this isn't a bug and it's just something I'm missing.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and by others who I'm fairly sure are or will have the same problem.


      - Mike