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    continue text on next page


      I have a 20-page doc, with some sections.

      I have a master page with primary text frame applied to all pages.

      I will need to several times leave off with space to on a page to start a new section on the next page.

      How do I avoid hitting the shift return key until I'm on the next page?

      Or, in other words, how do I do it professionally?

      Many thanks

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @gcruls – there are some means to accomplish this:

          1. Distinct paragraph or paragraph style settings, namely the options that come with "Start Paragraph" in your "Keep Options"

          2. Special characters you can insert for telling the story to break:









          Select an insertion point in your text, right click to get the context menu and see your options for inserting special characters.