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    How do I have the animation only play once, when the mouse hovers over and out?


      I'm using Edge Animate CC2014 (the latest version)


      I have an animation where we see the subject change scale when the mouse is over it. When then see a second animation when the mouse is out of the subject.


      I'm trying to figure out a way that when the mouse hovers over the subject the first time, the scale changes (like it already does) then when we hover out of the subject for the first time the notes on the scale animates (like it already does), but when you re enter the subject for the 2nd time the animation does not go back to the animation were we see the scale change. Instead the animation for the hover out (notes on the stave) is playing.


      So I can basically only mouse over and mouse out once. With the second mouse over non interactive.


      Here's a video of my mouse over and mouse out so far: (sorry for the poor quality!)


      Thank you in advance!



      Here's two screen shots of the actions on my subject (the white background):

      mouse out.jpg

      mouse over.jpg