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    Collections are empty after upgrading to a bigger data drive

    helen graceb63431586

      Last summer I upgraded the size of my data drive (I have a multi-bayed old Mac Pro) and all seems to be well. I recently reviewed my Collections (in LR5) which I upgraded from 4 at the same time) which I use to group images and noticed that images were missing. All my folders on the hard drive seem fine, they all recognise that the images are on the new larger hard drive. However many of the collections (though interestingly not all) seem to think the images are still on the old discontinued drive which i no longer have. When I select an image to 'reconnect it' it tells me its on another drive (the old drive) and will not reassign the file name to the same image which is now on the newer larger drive. I could understand this if the Folder structure was incorrect, but its not, and Ive synced it. Does anyone have a solution for me? Much appreciated