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    Problems with linked cells when updating Excel Spreadsheet




      I'm not sure if there is any way around this but I thought I'd ask the community.


      I have created a pricelist in InDesign for some furniture and where I have a price in a cell within a table, I have linked this particular cell to a cell within an Excel Spreadsheet.


      I have two issues:


      1. We often change the name of the pricelist Excel spreadsheet so we know when it was updated. The document can also sometimes move folders depending on the yearly update.
      2. When we add new product to the price list, rows are often added or inserted so it is in alphabetical order - thus shifting the linked cells up or down.


      My two questions are, is there a way of linking a cell to follow the parent cell, no matter where in the document it is after any rows have been inserted/deleted and can the document be updated once the parent spreadsheet has been refound if the name/folder changes?