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    Importing a RoboHelp for Word project results in carnage




      Using a newly installed version of RoboHelp v11, I find that there's no 'RoboHelp for Word' any more, so I thought I'd import my 'RoboHelp for Word' projects into 'RoboHelp HTML'. I last edited these projects in 'RoboHelp for Word' v9.


      Using default settings, the import completes but:


      • the first topic is preceded by page of nonsense font codes:
      • very few of the embedded, contents or index hyperlinks;

      • the 'URL' entries in the project manager are mostly garbage, and look as though there's some sort of Unicode issue.



      Is there a guide somewhere for the average idiot like me as to how to reliably import old 'RoboHelp for Word' projects?


      Thanks for any advice.


      Trevor Cooper