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    Adobe Lightroom 5.7.1: voice annotation wav file in metadata lost when DNG is edited


      My Nikon D4 allows me to record a voice annotation that is attached as a wave file to the photo's metadata. When I import the native Nikon NEF file into Lightroom, as a DNG (I use the "Copy as DNG" feature), the wave file comes along in good order and is saved as a Sidecar file. All is well and I can play the WAV file at this point. As I process the photo and ultimately save as a TIFF or JPEG (even saving to a backup drive as the original DNG before any processing) the wave file somehow gets lost as it does not automatically stay associated with the photo. The loss of the wave file occurs early in the process even if I do not change the filename. I know that the wave file name needs to stay the same as the photo file name (all but the .wav extension) to automatically associate. The wave file seems to only remain attached to the photo as part of the initial import. Am I missing an option or preference setting? Can someone in the forum assist me in resolving this issue?

      Thank you in advance for your assistance.

      Frank H...