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    Search Doesn't Yield Results

    RadBean Level 1
      I have two help files running on both the intranet and the Web server at my office. When doing a search in either help file on the intranet, I get successful search results. However, when I conduct a search in the help files published to Web server, one help file returns results while the other says it couldn't find any topics. I thought that maybe each help file might require a separate RoboEngine; however, the two help files on the intranet are working just fine with the one RoboEngine, so I am confused.

      Does anyone know why search would work in one help file and not the other when they're both published to the Internet?
        • 1. Search Doesn't Yield Results
          RadBean Level 1
          There was an old help file on the Web server that shared the same filename with the filename in the help file that wasn't working. After removing the old files the problem seemed to disappear, or so I thought, but the problem has returned. My question is this, can you run two help files on the server?

          When I look at the Troubleshoot function of the Configuration Manager, I see the following messages:
          "Error messages were returned from IndexCreator,"
          "Unable to locate the URL '/MSOffice/cltreq.asp," and
          "No default window for the 'employer_quick_info' project."

          The problem is the employer_quick_info project is a different help file project on the same server. It has a window assigned, and when I publish the project to the server, I don't get any error messages. So why is publishing the help file with the broken search functionality making reference to the help file, not once but twice in the error log?