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    high resolution images print with jagged edges upon export


      Hi InDesign Users


      I have a high res photoshop file saved a few ways to run this issue though its paces: .psd .tif .pdf its the same file CMYK (21.527x16.64 @ 300ppi)

      when placed in the Indesign file at 100% it looks great no problem

      when placed in a separate indesign file at 80% and exported to print it has jagged type within the (.psd .tif .pdf)

      i have tried doing the file at 80% in photoshop leaving resample turned off and it goes to 375ppi

      Jaggies improve but not perfect.

      Exporting to PDF/x-1a2001

      with preset as is

      and with preset leaving compression off


      How can i eliminate this problem?

      please help



      - if this matters

      Using Id 2014 .0 release



      thank you !

      - Ben