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    Settings with Lightroom and Print Studio Pro


      Can someone please help me with color management and settings when using Lightroom and Canon Print Studio Pro.


      I am newer to printing and I have the Pixma Pro 100. I use Lightroom and PSE 13 to edit. I have recently calibrated my monitor.

      I print from Lightroom using the Print Studio Pro plug in but I can't seem to get the printed image to look the same as on the monitor.


      So, I started looking for color management answers.


      I have tried so many different settings that I am not sure what I should be doing....

      Should Lightroom manage colors and if so what all settings do I need to change in Lightroom and in the Printer or where?

      Should the printer manage colors and if so what settings do I need to set or change in Lightroom or the printer and so on.

      OR, does the printer manage the colors because I am using the plug in and if so what should the printer properties be set to?


      I have read forum after forum and have changed so many settings that I am totally confused.

      I read and make changes in the Printer properties and the read more and change again.

      I am starting to wonder if there is a problem with the printer.


      Does anyone else use print from Lightroom using the Plug In and can you please tell me what the settings should be in the printer properties

      or in the page set up for the printer and such?



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