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    Premiere Elements 11 consuming obscene amounts of RAM


      Swear, I've forgotten where the search bar is around here . . . I'd be surprised if there wasn't already a thread about this.

      This has been sort of a problem since I started using PrEl 11 two summers ago, but for some odd reason it's been becoming more and more of a problem (same computer, decent machine, I'll post the specs if you want them but I doubt my specs are the problem). Project settings are 1920x1080@30, as they have been for . . . eh, a really long time.


      Picture of my Task manager, about 4.5 GB of this is going to Premiere: http://i.imgur.com/BRVNtOJ.png

      Picture of it going up and down for no apparent reason: http://i.imgur.com/PXJvXPw.png

      Picture of my timeline, nothing too fancy: http://i.imgur.com/tdjiIrF.png The only resources in the project ***** bin are what's on the timeline and a few miscellaneous graphics and things.


      On a typical day it'll do this every 5-10 minutes and lock my computer up so that I can't even move my mouse for another 5-10 minutes, meaning I have to go find something offline to do while I'm waiting for it to do . . . um, whatever it's doing. It's quite annoying. I know there has to be a solution because loads of other people still use PrEl 11, what's the best one?