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    Import text from a file?

    C Towsley

      I have a client who asked me to do their product catalog in an unusual way. They wanted it done page by page because each page had it's own descriptive number and, after the initial layout was completed, they wanted their internal person to be able to update the information. I was fine with this because I really don't want to be bothered with changing part number 104567-12A to 104567-12B.


      For the most part, they are happy with the setup except for one thing: along the bottom of each page, they have a large copyright file, the kind of thing that needs to be updated once a year with the new year (although the rest of the text doesn't really change). When I first did this project, I did research on whether or not it was possible to set up a frame in InDesign 5 (which is what they have and they won't be upgrading) to pull in text from a document on opening. Because of the nature of the Internet, I couldn't find anything, all the searches I did brought back a multitude of information on everything but the one thing I wanted to know.


      However, several years have passed now and so I ask the community: does anyone know of a way -- a script or plugin perhaps -- that will allow you to pull text in from an external source? Essentially, if there was something I had to put in the text box in InDesign that referenced the text in a plain .txt file in the same folder, that would be awesome. So that each time the document is opened, it would just pull this text in and retain the formatting of the text box.


      This same client is wanting the entire catalog to be brushed up in appearance a bit and if I could fix this one thing for them, they would be very happy. As for putting the whole thing together in one document, they don't want that as each page is used as a separate PDF on their website, so the person who does the changes internally would have a very hard time remembering what to name each page that was exported.