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    when I go to do a drop shadow, photoshop cc takes 17 seconds to pull up the window


      I just got Photoshop CC a few weeks ago.  It seems to be very slow, and I'm using a super fast computer with 32Gig of RAM, i7 Processor, SSD, etc...


      Photoshop in particular, is REALLY slow.  For instance, when I go to Layer, Layer Style, Drop Shadow, it takes about 17 seconds before the window will pop up for me to make adjustments on a drop shadow.  If I click cancel on that, it takes about 2-3 seconds for the window to go away.

      Lots of other slow things in photoshop too.  Scratch disks are on a SSD.  Performance is set to give Photoshop 80% of my RAM.


      Anyone have any clues or ideas to help?