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    video embedded in picture frame on wal


      Need advise on which After Effect plugin to use which will enable video to be embedded into a picture frame on a wall where the frame and the video would get larger or smaller depending if you walk towards or away from the object.


      I am trying to create a video montage using after effects and adobe premier pro.  I am trying to create the effect of walking down a hallway and having video clips of a person life  a picture frames on the walls on each side of the hallway.  As you walk towards each picture frame, the frame would get larger and the video clip inside would get larger as well.   In order to accomplish this, I thought that I needed to take video walking down a long hallway panning the camera from side to side.  I would then use after effects to create a picture frame and insert it into the video.  I want that frame to increase or decrease in size depending upon if I am walking to or from it.  I also want the video insert to also increase or decrease in size the same time as the picture frame.  My question is, can I do all this using Adobe After Effects?  If so how?  If not, is there a 3rd party plugin for After Effects that will allow me to create this effect.