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    Id cs6 - document window under toolbar - setting to override?

    Matt McGregor

      Hi All,


      Apologies if it's been asked previously.


      Is there a preset / preference / setting that will prevent the document window from being able to be moved under the 'tools' window? Somewhere in previous Indesign versions I can recall there was the ability to prevent this. 


      After taking a screenshot of this to upload, I opened the screenshot in Photoshop to note that Photoshop FIXES the document window to inside the tool - palette area. Please advise how indesign can be setup the same way. (So the document window can't be moved under the tools).


      See images attached. 






      Indesign : 8.0 (cs6)

      Mac Pro : 10.7.5


      Indesign - Document window BEHIND tools window.jpgPhotoshop - Document window FIXED to inside tools - pallets.jpg