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      Leave it to Adobe to lock me out. They don't answer chat. All I'm left with is the forum where good natured folks abound but unless they know the key to get my bought and paid for lightroom 5 and 4 and and 3 and... I no longer have access to my library.


      Ah the golden age of computers - NOT!

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          michael55 Level 1

          While I'm getting transferred from one chat group to another, I look at my 4 year old. He's starting to miss his daddy. I've spent an unbelievable amount of time with "customer service". Comcast, Netgear, AT & T.


          What have we become? I'm serious. Nothing works, promises, great service, oh we'll atke care of you, but I sit seemingly nightly trying to resolve stupid issues like, my key is invalid. But hey, I got time to write a forum while Adobe scrambles to find someone to fix my "key".

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            They will eventually answer chat, but their staffing levels vary based on the time of day or night.  Since you're posting this in the evening I'd guess they have less offshore staff to service the US market. 


            As you say those of us on the forums cannot help you with a licensing issue as it needs access to Adobe internal information.


            It is unclear what Comcast or Netgear would have to do with an Adobe licensing issue.

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              michael55 Level 1

              They answered. I spent more than an hour (maybe 2?) "chatting". In the end, I got nowhere. All I needed was my license key validated. Amit was unable to perform that function. In the end he actually wanted me to create another Windows account and install Adobe to that which means I would need to log in to another account to use LR. I then realized I knew more about what the problem was than he did!


              These issues are simply part of the bigger problem relating to customer service and their inability to solve problems. I'm so burned out sitting in front of a computer in "chat" getting nowhere for what is seemingly a minor problem and it's not just Adobe.


              It's almost worth it to purchase another copy of LR for $100 than to have all my spare time sucked up to attempting to validated a license key.

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You have done a lot of venting here on the forum, but you haven't fully described the problem you are experiencing. We understand people's frustrations, but we are here to try to help. And without a full detailed description of your problem we can only guess. If you can describe the problem in detail and provide information about your computer (OS, RAM, free disk space, etc.) perhaps we can assist you. Also, is this a standalone installation or have you subscribed to the creative cloud?

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                  michael55 Level 1

                  Problem is simple. I cannot run Lightroom 5 because my license key has become invalid. It worked before. It no longer works.


                  I bought this copy 1 year ago. I installed from the download link where my license key is located. I also tried removing installation and installing from the cloud. I get the same error, "invalid license key".

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The serial number has six groups of four numbers, the first four numbers being 1160. Do you have that serial number? Don't post the entire number. Was the version that you installed an upgrade from a previous version? If it was then it takes two serial numbers to get Lightroom activated.  If you are certain that you have the right serial number then I would suggest that you double check your entry. There are no alphabetical characters, the serial number is all numbers.

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                      michael55 Level 1

                      I own licenses to LR 2,3,4,5 PS as well and even multiple licenses as work provides me the software.


                      I appreciate your willingness to help me. I know that I'm ranting but for good reason. I have not been able to access my catalog for a month, mostly due to Comcast and their compromised cable lines (I'm stable now with AT&T) meaning I couldn't get a stable chat session with Adobe.


                      I know my key and I'm very familiar with entering digits and yes the first 4 are 1160. As I explained to Amit, due to hard drive failure and 2 additional Windows installations which included LR installations, I probably exceeded the number of installs in which case my key had become invalid - maybe.


                      I just want back into my software.  

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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        There is no monitoring of the number of installations. The license stipulates that you are in compliance with two installations, but there is no activation process like there is with Photoshop. If you have had all those versions of Lightroom then you are going to need an upgrade version that allows Lightroom to see your original serial number as well as the upgrade for Lightroom 5. The reason your Lightroom 5 serial number is showing as invalid is because it is an upgrade version and you have to enter both the original serial number and the upgrade number. I don't know the link to get you that upgrade installer. I would suggest that you go to live chat and explain the situation and tell them that you need the installer for the Lightroom 5 upgrade installation.

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                          michael55 Level 1

                          I thought about that early on. I removed 5.7 and installed, I believe, 5.4, hoping that it would accept my license key. In fact, I wanted to keep 5.4 as it seemed to be more stable with Windows 10 build 9926. Interesting though what you wrote about no limit of installs. I was mostly convinced that was the problem because... what else could it be?


                          Discovered a bug in LR concerning Android on my Note 4, in LR 4 at least. It freezes (Windows 7 Enterprise) when Note 4 is attached to USB. LR 4 doesn't like that.

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                            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Just to clarify, there IS a limit to the number of installations that you can have and still be in compliance with the license. The license allows you to install on two separate machines for your own personal use. I don't know anything about the Android stuff. But I don't see the correlation with Lightroom 4. There was no Lightroom mobile for any operating system in Lightroom 4.

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                              michael55 Level 1

                              Android. This was related to an issue with LR and Windows 7 Enterprise. Android would crash LR 4. That's a work related issue. I simply don't have my phone plugged into the machine while running LR.


                              Correct there is a limit. I am only using LR 5 on one machine, my home machine, which is where I cannot open LR 5.

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                                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                I wouldn’t be surprised if Adobe is now tracking how many installs people do.  I mean you have to log into your Adobe ID and also provide the country of installation when you install.  I assume this is for some sort of tracking, but it is probably not a strict limit as compared to the 10-times-more-expensive Photoshop.


                                The Cloud version of LR will not accept a serial number for licensing.  Do you have that installed and the trial has run out, or is the LR 5 you have installed the serial-number-activated version.  If the latter, does a red X appear to the right of the serial-number entry box immediately upon entering it or do you have to actually run LR or login or whatever it does the first time, and then you’re told it isn’t right?


                                In other words what is the detailed set of steps that you follow and when do you know that the serial is not accepted?

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                                  michael55 Level 1

                                  I do not have a red X, I have a circle with an exclamation point inside. It tells me to contact customer support. If I were to attach the Chat session transcript to this forum I think folks here would either be, amazed, disgusted, disturbed, amused, or think I made it up. It's really long!


                                  I have a buddy who works at Adobe. Maybe he can get me a copy, or, I can just buy another. If I have to actually purchase another copy having already so many Adobe licenses including LR5, that should disturb you good folks too.


                                  At the end of the day, my catalog has been in the making for many, many years. You know, edits, key-wording, etc. I guess I could go back to LR4, or even 3... Those  licenses should still work in theory.

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                                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    I don’t recall seeing a circle-exclamation-point icon for a bad serial number, but I’ve been on the cloud version of LR for over a year so maybe I’m forgetting or maybe it’s changed or maybe what it signifies is different than a typo-red-X symbol.  If you purposely mistype one of the digits do you see a red-X, so the circle-exclamation-point actually means something else?


                                    Anyone who’s used Adobe Chat Support wouldn’t think you were making it up.  It’s excruciating unless it fits into a well-known script that they can match the situation with early on.


                                    What information did the chat session reveal about your serial number?


                                    Is the serial number something that you or your work purchased for you as an individual license or is it some sort of team or enterprise or other group licensing?


                                    Has the serial number ever been associated with a different AdobeID?

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                                      michael55 Level 1

                                      Amit, the Adobe chat dude revealed nothing really. He didn't dispute the number and basically focused on the installation. He told me it was a Windows permissions problem.

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                                        ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        So things looked ok for that serial number on their end, and the guess was that it must be an issue localized to your computer?  Permissions could have something to do with things not working in mysterious ways, and it would also not be easy for Adobe to tell you what to do about it since they aren't at your computer, and their licensing is relatively complicated.


                                        Do you know how to make yourself Administrator?

                                        Do you know how to turn off UAC warnings so you don't have to enter a password to install things?

                                        Do you know how to run an installer with Administrator permissions?

                                        Do you know how to run LR with Administrator permissions, even if your user is already?


                                        The suggestion to create a new Windows user and install LR using that is a good idea, as least to see if it works, then, as a way to prove that it isn't something at Adobe's end or the serial-number, itself, that is the problem.  Who knows, maybe things would start working, again, in the original user profile, or maybe an uninstall, CC cleaner, and a new install would fix things.  It would also mean that getting or buying a new LR 5 serial number wouldn't help, as your current serial is fine.


                                        Have you ever had the Cloud version of LR installed on this computer?

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                                          michael55 Level 1

                                          Not that it means much but I'm a former IT administrator. I'm still involved beta testing Windows 10. I'm the go to guy when things get ugly with OS's here and at work.

                                          No I never had the cloud version installed, just the paid for download.


                                          Today, in all my copious spare time, I toured Windows looking for possible issues. Deleted cookies, deleted install data, Looked at the registry, startup, profiles, it's a newly installed OS, there isn't much "clutter" at this point.


                                          Tried an installation again, for the nth time, and I was very careful as in copying the "Adobe account number online, which matches my download install number, which of course failed because why? That's the Adobe question that doesn't get answered.


                                          Performing a Google search I noted that I am not alone in this dilemma. Wish I could have pulled an answer from the search!


                                          I'm not going to chat with someone from India who doesn't know Mac from Windows, let alone Adobe account information. Sorry, too #$%in many phone calls to India in the last 2 months and I'm not only talking Adobe.


                                          But again, I appreciate your interest.

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                                            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            Do you get a different failure indication, besides the exclamation-circle, if you purposely type an incorrect digit in the serial number?