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    Odd XML behaviour

    ctzn99 Level 1
      Hello Again,

      I'm having an odd problem that I don't fully understand and I'm hoping for some insight. Basically if I have an XML object declared like

      var xml:XML = <template label="test" />;


      var xml:XML = <tempate label="test"></template>;

      and then use


      the alert is an empty box where I was expecting to see the single XML node, but

      var xml:XML = <template label="test"><tab label="my tab" /></template>;

      and then call the same Alert.show it displays the xml as I expect. For some reason when the xml only has one node flex seems to think it's empyt? Or at least that's what I'm led to believe...

      Any thoughts on this? I'm sorta stuck for the night trying to figure out how to get that value to display.