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    High School Student Need help with a project! (after effects)


      Hello guys! my name is Eli and I am needing some assistance.


      I am considering making a unique intro video l. The intro's would be like what gaming YouTubers use as their intros. I want to make the theme of this video like a wildcat because that is our school mascot. I was wondering if there is anyway I can insert a claw effect. For example for it to go up to down looking like a scratch mark. Is there anyways I can animate this part at the end of the video?

      "Claw like below"

      http://sherpapreview-standard.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/Preview/2012/08/15__01_37 _12/ClawMarks.jpgfe9d6af4-c7f7…


      I am totally new at adobe aftereffects and have no background in any of the adobe products. I have 1 and a half month to work on this project and I will devote my time on this project! Please tell me if there are any tutorials or ways on doing this! and if i'm totally using the wrong product please tell me another product that I could make this project on.


      Thank you very much and I hope to get some assistance soon!


      -Eli Wang