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    Context-Sensitive Help


      Our entire team including developers are new to Robohelp. At present i'm working on the Trail Version of Adobe Robohelp 6.

      My project manager requirement is this:

      Apart from creating a over-all help file, he wanted us to create context-sensitive help. I went through the help tutorial for this.

      As per my understanding, there can be 2 types of context-sensitive help: 1. Screen Level 2. Field Level

      My project manager demands the following:

      The application has various screens. Each screen has some fields (obviously).

      When the user clicks the help button in a particular screen, he should be able to view the instructions of all the fields at a stretch. (we can do this easily)

      Apart from that, if the user clicks the help button and places the button on the particular field, it should exactly display the instructions of that particular field alone and you can also scroll up and down to know the instructions of all the required fields of that particular screen.

      I thought for screen-level i need to create a separate topic and for each field, i need to create a separate topic....but they want to navigate the filed level instructions from the screen-level topic itself and do not want a separate topic for each field....Is this possible...

      Screen -level topic, we were able to bring it out easily....but how can we link the same to display the field-level instructions alone.......Pls guide me....What should i do on my part while creating the topics (a single topic or multiple topics for each field)..Pls help me

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi usureka

          I would think you could accomplish this as follows:

          Create different topics for each screen. But within each topic, you create bookmarked areas that contain perhaps a table containing field descriptions. You would have a bookmark at each field. This would allow you to link to each field description by simply pointing at the bookmark.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            usureka Level 1
            Thansk rick :-) Yes i've created a single topic for a particular topic and given book mark for each field. In the project folder, under this particular topic, 4 books marks have been displayed (as i've created for 4 fields)...when i click a book mark on the project folder, the cursor is positioned at the exact place and able to view the particular field-level instructions.......everything is fine....

            But when i give this chm file to the developer, he is able to display the screen-level topic........but how the book mark which i've provided in the chm file should be integrated.....sorry i'm helpless to the developer :-(.....i think i need a detailed understanding and need to explain this to the developer............Any developers pls help me........
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Coming in here Rick as Kavitha has emailed me offline.

              What she wants is that if the user clicks the ? mark in the title bar of the help, then it goes to a topic which has screen level help. Additionally if the user has clicked in a field before clicking the ? mark, then the help is just for that field.

              For good measure, that help has to be part of the screen the user is working on and not in a separate help topic. That was not clear from the original post and the short answer to that part of the requirement is that how that is achieved is for the developers to figure out. It is not an author's job to explain to a developer how they can display the content of an html file as part of their form.

              Now let's step back. The ? mark is intended for What's This type help for which see RoboHelp's own help or perhaps Rick can provide some input. It points to different files to the html files that form part of the help you are producing. The idea is that the user clicks the ? mark and then clicks a field whereon they get some bubble text type help. It never really caught on.

              For your requirement it is up to the developers to figure how they are going to display the information in the way they want and then tell you what files they need. They may well need a different file for each field for what you demonstrate. If they can make that work, fine. If not I would suggest a help button on the screen that goes to the screen level topic with information about the fields as well. That works well and will save you hours of work. Users are happy with it.