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    Cfmail possible firewall issue

    mrhodes@HM Level 1
      I am new to coldfusion - so please talk slow. I have CF mx 7 std on Windows 2003 std with IIS 6 - and excahange 2003 std. all on same box. I am trying to send some emails using cfmail and I am pretty sure the code is okay - the query is also fine (verified with cfdump). But here is the problem - the email is going to multiple addresses some internal (using full address name) and some external i.e. nothere@somewhereelse.com . My internal users are receiving the email the external are not. I have an astaro appliance firewall. Any suggestions welcome - how do I trouble shoot if it is CF, exchange, or my firewall.

      Thanks for the help.
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          mrhodes@HM Level 1
          Okay - some further information - still need help - but now it I can probably rule out firewall - and likely the excahnge server.

          logged error msg in coldfusion on all out bound addresses reads:
          Invalid Addresses; nested exception is: class javax.mail.SendFailedException: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for someone@somewhere.com (not the actual address - the addresses are valid - no problem sending to them through Outlook)
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            mrhodes@HM Level 1
            Figured it out - and ashamed I ever asked. But incase someone else out there has the same brain lapse I did .. here is what I did (I hate finding the question I am looking for just to see a post saying "nevermind" so i like to post the answer even to my own stupid questions)

            Once i saw the error msg in CFmX - it didn't take long to fix - took me longer to set up an outside account to test. On your excahnge box - Excahnge System manager - expand your virtual server (the one cold fusion points to) - expand the protocols (this could be different depending on if you have administrative views running) - expand SMTP - then right click the Default SMTP Virtual Server - click properties

            In the Access Tab - click Relay - add the IP address to allowed computers. note: the Allow all computers which successfully authenicate to relay ... check box - whether this is checked or not - you still need to have the IP, even if coldfusion is on the same box - added to allowed computers.

            At least that fixed it for me.