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    Timer Problem

    leoserra Level 2
      Hi all,

      Hope You can help me. I'm finishing a physics simulation, wich results are going to a Datagrid.

      I have a counter variable that stores a value to control a stopwatch. This stopwatch, you have the possibility to change the velocity in wich that times goes(1x, 2x, 4x & 8x).

      I want that each 30s a value is stored in the datagrid. I've done that, but the value is store 24 times in the datagrid because that's my frame rate. Every attempts to correct this have failed for me. I'll show you my last attempt:

      if((_global.time%30)==0 && counter==24){
      _root.graphic_mc.my_ft.addItem({Time:_parent.time_tx.text,Temperature:_parent.temperature _tx.text});

      I also tried by calculation elapsed time, but with no result.

      Basicaly I want one value everytime that _global.time counts 30 seconds, and not 24 values.

      Anyone think of a solution? I'm starting to get dizzy with this :S