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    Adobe Revel, why is there a button in Photoshop Express App.

    Zenum Level 1

      Good afternoon.


      After getting a new phone I have gone on a search for good editing apps, I downloaded PS Express, was notified if I signed in with an Adobe ID I could unlock extra features, which I did, nothing fancy I just have the standard free account, I was then presented with with the main menu which included an Adobe Revel button, I tapped this expecting to be shown some info on what Revel is, it said only thanks for signing up for revel and to download the app.


      So here are my questions.


      • Is this Revel the free 2GB of cloud storage I got when I created my account under a fancy new name.
      • Has my tapping this button signed me up for something new.
      • How can I check this to make sure.
      • Is this just a advertising button that I am reading way too much into.


      Many many thanks for any clarifications.