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    Exporting HTML5 from Flash CC is WORSE then in CS6!!!

    LeeBow Level 1

      Maybe the new way of "Convert to HTML5 canvas" is better for some people -- but for me its a total joke!


      I used to be able to have 1 fla file -- and in that - I'd have my as3 code - and my JS code - in one file.



      Now - I've got to have one myGame-swf.fla with my As3 code - and myGame-html5.fla with my js code. So I have to keep making changes to both while im working on the game graphics and design.




      The way it used to work in CS6 was so much better - 1 file - with both code languages - and all the graphics in the one fla - much easier to work with.




      Please add the option back to use one fla like in CS6 - Publishing for CreateJS