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    TRACKER don't WORK!

    Piotr Nienartowicz

      Welcome! I'm sorry but I use a translator.

      I bought the full version of Adobe Cloud. Using After Effects CC I'm trying to make a film: Animation / Tracker. After a long time, the computer calculates and after a while shows ERROR - red stripe in the middle of the screen. I change the video and I try again: Animation / Tracker and again the same thing. Are the ANIMATION / TRACKER has some settings? This does not work as in tutorials.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which tracker? It sounds like you are trying to use Track Camera. If so then you need to know this. Not all shots will successfully track. You need a shot that was recorded in a format that is friendly to After Effects. The motion in the shot needs to be fairly smooth. There must be things in the shot that do not move. For example, you cannot successfully Track Camera of a shot of the ocean or a shot where you are moving the camera through a crowd of people because there is nothing in the shot that is not moving. You need buildings, rocks, things that are not moving.


          Second, you should start out tracking shots that are only a few seconds long. 3 or 4 seconds. Track Camera uses a lot of system resources and takes a long time unless you have a powerful system.

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            Piotr Nienartowicz Level 1

            Thank you. I trying again.