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    Can I set text field #2 to be required only if text field #1 has "xxxxxx" written in it?


      Acrobat 9 Pro Version 9.5.5


      Hello anyone,


      With Combo Box #1, Text field #1, and Text field #2 I have the following situation.


      The selection from Combo Box #1 populates Text field #1 with "aaa", "bbb", or "ccc".


      I currently have this validation script in Text field #1 which will make Text field #2 become a Required Field when it has anything written in Text Field #1:


      // Custom Validate script for combo box

      getField("Setting #2").required = event.value !=="";


      What I would like to do is make Text field #2 be required only when Text field #1's value is "aaa" and "bbb", NOT "ccc".


      Any takers?