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    how to convert InDesign CS2 files for editing in CS5 (win)

    maxhodges0 Level 1

      We are a small publishing company with several top-selling language products. I need to revision a title which was published 10 years ago. The files are CS2 and I cannot open them in CS5. Seem Adobe doesn't offer any conversion utility. It seem I need to open them in CS3 then save and use CS4 to convert from CS3 to CS4, then I can use CS5. But I cannot find CS3 for sale anywhere. So I'm screwed. Please offer a file conversion service. It's just code! you can run the old versions on virtualized servers and charge $500 per file. I'll pay! I'm totally screwed. We have to recreate the entire book from scratch. I used to be an Adobe promoter, but now I'm a detractor. this is horrible.


      Does anyone have old versions around could be used to get this job done?