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    How to uninstall/deactivate Robohelp and Robodemo

      I'm planning to get rid of some old computers and my understanding is that I somehow need to deactivate my software to free the license so that I can reactivate on new computers.

      On one computer I have Robohelp X4.1 and Robodemo 2
      On another computer I have Robohelp X5 and the Roboscreencapture utility.

      I wrote to customer support, but they haven't replied. I had hoped there might be a menu item to 'transfer license' or 'deactivate', but I can find nothing on menus. Any advice will be appreciated. thank you,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I think what you are referring to is something that for RoboHelp was only introduced properly with RH6. With that you can activate on two PCs but any futher attempts will be rejected until you deactivate (not uninstall) one of the existing installations.

          X5 required activation but it didn't check the number of activations so you should also be OK on X4, or at least that is my experience.

          I can't speak for RoboDemo. My guess would be that if it isn't on the help menu, then you will be OK. Can you not try installing a copy on another PC to see if it whinges?

          Recently I spoke at the activation people about another application with proper activation (as in RH6) and found they were very helpful. I think the link you would require is http://www.adobe.com/activation.

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            davidCNY Level 1
            Thanks for the feedback. I deactivated FlashPaper, but it provided a menu option. I see none in X5 or X41 or the others. There seems to be no means to differentiate between uninstalling and deactivating. My hope is that I can deactivate and then work through customer support to reactivate, but I do see it as a shortcoming to provide tools to activate and none to deactivate. the products are not cheap and I don't like being on the phone, trying to prove to someone that the copy they think is installed was actually on a computer that has been recycled. I guess my options are to uninstall and hope for the best.

            Okay, I'm a bit annoyed, but certainly not at you. Your feedback is helpful and I appreciate it. thanks,
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I understand. In the case of X5, I have moved the same copy between different computers more than the permitted two installations so I cannot see you having a problem there. (I hasten to add, it has never been installed on more than two PCs at any one time).

              In fairness to Adobe, they have brought RoboHelp 6 into line and there is now a deactivation option on the menu.