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    Losing the will to live... is the Edge animate software full of bugs? Non-Responsive %, px, auto... all fail to do much at all.

    Stormy3000 Level 1

      I've now spent a good 20 hours racking my head and the various settings... and I'm nearly ready to look at Googles HTML5 and web software offerings, which is frustrating since I pay for the Adobe Creative Suite already.


      What would I like to do: (I've simplified my overall aim)

      Have a non-responve banner, 1200 x 100.


      When I scale down my browser window I want one item (i.e. a box) to stay in the centre, even when the rest of the scene has been cut off. (*it does not need to scale)


      - I've tried the presets for responsive layout which do nothing when tested in the browser (I'm using Safari, I'll test in others once it works...).


      - The scene is set to be centred, which works. The whole scene is centred in the browser.


      I've tried setting the Top, Bottom CSS controllers for the object to % which I believe is correct, but still no success...


      I've now tried every other variable I can think of with out success using the some what confusing mixture of '%', 'px' and 'auto' settings.


      I've also tried the responsive layout presets for a square drawn directly inside of Edge Animate, and an image dropped into the scene, which has more preset options (all of which seem to have little to not effect whether my scene is responsive or not).


      Can someone please put me out of my misery and either tell me I'm missing the obvious problem. Or tell me the software is indeed broken at the moment and doesn't like Apple Safari.



      And incase your wondering what I want to do... I'm trying to emulate the setup this website has at the top of their website. Where the embedded vimeo player (I've succeeded in doing that in Edge animate... yey) remains centred whilst a foreground layer and background layer change as the browser window is scaled... (they simply get cut off by the browser window scaling, aligned to the left, centre or right they're not responsive...)




      Many thanks for any help