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    Upgraded Java, CF still using older version - how?


      This server is Win2008 fully patched, IIS 7.0 in good shape - CF 9.0  no patches installed - which we obviously want to fix. When we tried to install patches, we got this:


      To try and resolve this, our first mistake was installing Java version 8 (1.8) - which we-now-know doesn't work with 9.0.  What I'm not following is why CF settings reports still using 1.6. From what I've read and can see in java.config, it's storing/accessing its own JRE in CF directories. 2 questions: 1) How can I access the security settings for this JRE so I can get patches installed 2) If not possible, am I right in thinking we have to uninstall 8, reinstall the server version of 6 (1.6), point CF at the server version of Java so we can change the security settings (with restarts at the proper places) so we can start getting security patches installed? Any alterations to those steps?


      Once I get to patch 4 we'll be upgrading to Java 7 - does CF 9.01 fully patched work with Java 1.8? I see Java 7 is due to expire April 2015.

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          Coldfusion uses its own version of java by default. You can, however, change this to use the version installed on the server when you download it off of the internet. Here is a blog post about this process - How to change/upgrade JDK version of ColdFusion server — Adobe ColdFusion Blog.


          Note as well just because a new version of Java is installed doesnt mean that the old version is gone. Major java revisions dont upgrade, like .NET it just installs the different version. Sometimes when you install Java 7 or 8 it will leave the old legacy versions which the browser will still try and use. Usually, after the Java install is done, it asks if you want to remove the outdated versions. You can use the official Java uninstall tool to scan for old versions and remove them for you - Java Uninstall Tool


          Coldfusion 9 wont support anything higher then Java 7. Java 8 has only just been made available to the most recent version of Coldfusion in the last 6 months or so. Like Java 7 soon, Coldfusion 9 is end of life and support for it stopped last year.


          Finally, you don't need Java to update CF9. Java is used for the browse dialogues to find the files. If you have already downloaded the hotfix jars, just copy and paste the path & file name in to the Update File box and click Submit Changes. This will do the same thing and install the hotfix.