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    Can I delete or rename the Images folder?


      I need to store images in a folder structure that is used by another application. Therefore, I need to remove or rename the images folder, as I will never use it. Can this be done?

      I'm using RoboHelp on Windows 8




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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Carol. You may want to read this post by Rick Stone. It is fairly old, but it still applies: RoboWizard

          However you can create a folder in RH and add your images to that if you wish.

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            CarolW Level 1

            Interesting post, but not what I've experienced. I created a new folder under HTML Files to create the hierarchy I need to exist in my WebHelp output in Windows Explorer, and then imported them into the project, where they show up in the hierarchy I created. This gives me the output HTML I need.


            I am just returning to RoboHelp after using a competing product, and made incorrect assumptions that what I saw in RoboHelp should exist on the file system and show up in Windows Explorer. I'll just ignore the unused images "folder" that is displayed in Project Manager, as mildly irritating as that may be.


            Thanks for the link, which explained how RoboHelp is intended to work. As usual, I've managed to find a way to use the software in a different way. Being a technical writer, you'd think I'd RTFM right away!

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi there


              Note that the Project Manager has two different views. Global and Classic.




              You change the view by clicking the folder icon on the left.


              In Global view, you don't see the "pseudo folders". All content (even images) is co-mingled together.

              In Classic view, you DO see the "pseudo folders". Note that each one has unique icons. Those unique icons are your first clue that these aren't folders you will find in the operating system. They are simply RoboHelp's way of organizing your project.


              Have you ever eaten a box of Cracker Jack candy treats? Remember how there is always a "prize" inside?


              Sometimes that prize would be a simple piece of cardboard with an odd pattern. And you also got a piece of normally red acetate. Pass the acetate over the cardboard and BING! You saw a hidden message.




              In the Classic view, think of the "Images folder" you see in RoboHelp as being exactly like that piece of acetate. It's RoboHelp's way of "filtering out" everything except the images that are used in the project.


              If you dislike seeing it, just click the icon and switch back to Global view!


              Cheers... Rick